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Does filthy frank smoke

Does filthy frank smoke


Frank had been infected with filfhy cancer as seen in, "The Tragedy". Suicidal Tendencies Even though Papa Franku likes to joke about killing yourself, he has had numerous attempts at killing himself, like aiming a loaded shotgun at his head. He told Ethan Klein, while holding a shotgun, to kill him due to a diagnosis that he has recieved from presumably a doctor.

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The result keeps the victim shitting on the ground moaning frabk pain for at least a couple of hours. Frank has a strong sense of smell that is used to detect entities and friends and track them between Realms. Frank has also displayed some skate riding abilities.

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It was first seen used against Weeaboo Jones, defeating him. Frank had been infected with throat cancer as seen in, "The Tragedy".

When this was used against Chin Chin, he tried to open some stupid bitch-ass portal that he couldn't even get through to flee the battle. It is shown that he needs to focus to use it.

Retardation Sometimes Frank can become an idiotic, horny, demented and generally retarded person in just a moment. Frakn Check: Frank throws Reality Check text boxes that bring back any autistic being to reality. During their first fight, he was able to fight on par with Chin Chin, who was forced to retreat to another realm.

He has also become proficient at using STDs against his enemies; as shown during the fight in Jew Central. Does filthy frank smoke learned this ability sometime between his banishment and his return. In another video, Frank claimed that he "burned a kid in a wheelchair He told Ethan Klein, while holding a shotgun, to kill him due to a diagnosis that he has recieved from presumably a doctor.

Earlier, Santa's Brother has reportedly shot a kid and an old man in the kneecaps, but he claims that this was in Floridaso it was "ok".

He has some break-dance knowledge as well. He has managed to kill Pookie with a gun multiple times, the weakest weapon in the Omniverse. Outfit Frank is usually seen wearing a light blue buttoned shirt with rolled sleeves, along with any kinds of pants or iflthy. The does filthy frank smoke is rumored to be a god to Frank, despite the only proof of this was he defending the show over someone saying minor slurs such as, "the Holocaust wasn't real.

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He can also play the recorder with his nose like Salamander Man. He is the inbodiment of everything bad and wrong.

Dark humor is used throughout, bringing up disturbing topics such as Rape and Suicide. This led to him talking like a year-old rapist and changed his innocent teenage voice. Energy Balls: In addition to firing a laser beam, Frank can also throw singular blue energy balls. Missing does filthy frank smoke target usually the victim's asshole of the technique is smkoe as it can break the fingers of the user.

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This could mean that the old man that Santa's Brother shot was Filthy Frank himself. Many Pratt girls swingers are targeted at specific groups Doew, weeaboos, aspiring rappers, etc Certain character deaths are graphic, but often bloodless Such as beings that bleed chocolate Filthy Frank makes offensive remarks to pretty much everything Filthy Frank's dating advice may be disturbing to some, including comical casual rape discussions.

Does filthy frank smoke, Chin-Chin remained indifferent to his plight, only caring about the sacrifices in order to get more chromosomes.

Drake: By summoning an amp, Frank plays Drake songs in order to depress his opponents and have them thinking about their ex. Filthiness Frank has done many disgusting and abnormal things that a normal human would vomit over. Enema or Shit Needle : An ancient technique from Japan passed down for generations even before humans inhabited it.

By giving a bloodthirsty war-cry upon naming this technique, the power, speed and effectiveness filthj the Kancho is increased. The existential crisis of the computer characters may upset some people. Frank can speak fluent English and Japanese, some broken Spanish and Zhongshan women sex language of Chin-Chin He has some fighting abilities as he was shown struggling with several beings.

The ability is seen again against Evil Dadealthough in a different form, firing single groupings instead of one steady flow. does filthy frank smoke

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He has some music abilities, like playing the ukulele and singing. Frank used to respect and fear Chin-Chin before it was revealed he doesn't have the godhood he claims he has. However, Frank perfected the speed and velocity of this technique after years of practice. This has yet to be confirmed. Smoke Transportation: "Real" Frank uses smoke to transport between realms possibly by the use of blunts to proceed the process. Suicidal Tendencies Even though Papa Franku likes to joke about killing yourself, he has had numerous gilthy at killing himself, does filthy frank smoke aiming a loaded shotgun at his head.

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